Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management at Nazareth College

To be a leader of transformative education through action for social justice, preparing and inspiring courageous changemakers for their life’s work.

~Nazareth College Vision Statement

Visionary, innovative, entrepreneurial, enrollment professional desired for the position of Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management at Nazareth College. The Vice President will join President Beth Paul in a shared commitment to the College mission and will bring enrollment management expertise and success to the Nazareth community as it launches its new strategic plan. As a member of the President’s Cabinet, the Vice President will lean into the college’s mission boldly, demonstrating a heightened intercultural awareness and an equity-minded commitment for access to education in shepherding the enrollment management division in meeting enrollment goals in a competitive marketplace.

The Vice President will oversee a team of 22 in undergraduate admissions, graduate admissions, and financial aid, and will provide compelling and optimistic leadership for the entire community in designing and embarking on a new strategic enrollment plan. Working closely with the Provost, Deans and Vice Presidents, the Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management will be a creative, collaborative spirit in defining new opportunities in the market, and refining branding, marketing and communications to inspire today’s students and families at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The essential duties and responsibilities of the Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management include:

Strategic Enrollment Leadership

  • Lead the community in developing and implementing a compelling strategic enrollment plan, while executing and evaluating innovative initiatives reflecting the College’s strategic plan. Encourage and coordinate the collective participation of the campus community including faculty, staff, and students in a wide variety of strategic enrollment activities. Direct and ensure optimum levels of enrollment growth across each of the College’s populations, academic programs and disciplines.
  • Provide wisdom, insights, and information regarding changing demographics and the highly competitive landscape; educate the campus community in understanding challenges and the impact to the community; and lead in designing and launching programs and initiatives which reflect the needs of the marketplace and desires of today’s students.
  • Recommend strategic initiatives, actions, and policy considerations to the President and fellow members of the Cabinet to leverage Nazareth College’s undergraduate and graduate liberal arts and professional programs in attracting and enrolling qualified students.
  • Bring expertise and innovation to the Expansive Naz strategy of expanding models of teaching and learning to reach a wide range of learners navigating their life’s work.
  • Provide charismatic, inspirational and motivational leadership for the Enrollment Management team, fostering their knowledge of the profession, use of best practices, and their professional growth in support of the college’s mission and vision.

Recruitment, Operations and Management

  • Supervise the Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions and Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Strategy and Operations to provide operational management for the admissions and financial aid teams. Strengthen all aspects of the undergraduate and graduate recruitment funnel and recruitment pipelines, including development of the prospect and inquiry pools, conversion and application processing, review and yield activities. Further develop and maximize the use of Slate for funnel management, analytics and reporting.
  • Lead the Enrollment team, leveraging their extensive expertise and passion for Nazareth, in identifying issues and opportunities, and responding with thoughtful, informed and creative solutions and nimble action to the evolving needs of students, families and the Nazareth community.
  • Implement targeted recruitment initiatives which account for the evolving needs of students and families, as well as changing technology and consumer expectations, and reflect a sincere knowledge of unique markets and populations.
  • Apply analytical skills to leverage technology and institutional and external data to understand enrollment dynamics and develop opportunities for recruitment strategy and activities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Actively participate in the College-wide movement to be an equity-minded and inclusive community of belonging, opportunity, empowerment and success for our increasingly diverse array of students. Apply expertise, continually updated, in identifying opportunities for advancement. Partner with Community and Belonging to maximize our collective movement.
  • Accelerate the college’s successful recruitment of students from diverse populations, leading the Enrollment Management team in further developing their own cultural awareness, competence and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Partner with faculty, staff, coaches, alumni, trustees, donors and community organizations to develop pathways for a diverse community of students, to enhance Nazareth’s stature and reputation among regional, national and international communities, and best utilize resources to support and retain students.

Financial Acumen

  • Possess experience and provide a progressive, contemporary approach to talent-based awards and need-based financial aid that bears in mind the overall financial picture of the institution.
  • Possess knowledge of, and strong practical experience in:
    • pricing strategies for both undergraduate and graduate students;
    • strategies for modeling and leveraging financial aid with the ability to forecast enrollment, discount, and net tuition revenue;
    • the impact of pricing on diverse populations;
    • the effective balance of merit and financial assistance for attracting and retaining students;
    • management of student loan debt;
    • the importance of financial literacy and customer service.
  • Oversee the responsibility of the office of financial aid in serving and empowering both current and prospective students, while maintaining critical compliance with federal and state funding sources. Ensure a high level of culturally responsive customer service to students and families that is defined by Nazareth’s values.
  • Develop, manage, and maintain an enrollment management budget that effectively balances divisional priorities with the fiduciary responsibilities of the College.

Partnerships & Relationships

  • Partner with all campus stakeholders, including alumni and trustees in expanding the recruitment reach in developing territories, events and populations.
  • Possess an understanding of NCAA regulations for Division III athletics and the ability to build partnerships with coaches and athletic administrators to facilitate the strategic recruitment of student athletes.
  • Collaborate institutionally to increase retention and graduation rates among all students; support the work of all campus partners in the retention of students, collection of data, sharing of information, and development of programs and enhancement of the student experience and outcomes.
  • Participate in and network with local, regional and national organizations and associations to facilitate recruitment initiatives, establish relationships and enhance the position and reputation of Nazareth College.

Marketing and Communications

  • Collaborate with the Vice President for Marketing & Communications and other campus partners in developing bold marketing strategies which reach, influence and illustrate a compelling story for prospective students and their families as they consider joining the Nazareth community.
  • Design and implement innovative communications and engagement opportunities to address the specific needs of unique populations and articulate the value of a Nazareth education to students and families pursuing both liberal arts and professional degrees.
  • Develop engaging recruitment and yield campaigns to elevate the reputation of the College and increase the College’s reach among diverse, talented students nationally and internationally.
  • Leverage multiple sources of data and intelligence, both typical and out-of-the-box, in considering student needs and interests to develop opportunities for recruitment activities and messaging which authentically represent the Nazareth experience.

Qualifications, Abilities and Characteristics

The successful candidate should have significant proven experience in a senior leadership role in higher education. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required; and an advanced degree is strongly preferred, with at least 10 years relevant experience in admissions, financial aid and/or recruitment in higher education. In addition, candidates for this position should demonstrate the following characteristics, skills, abilities and understanding:

  • A proven track record in successful outreach and recruitment of prospective students including undergraduate, transfer, graduate, international, and historically underserved populations.
  • Experience in developing and implementing comprehensive strategic enrollment plans reflecting the college’s institutional goals and mission.
  • Success in partnering across a community in the implementation of tactics, programs and initiatives to meet enrollment headcount, credit hour and profile goals.
  • Analytical, and outcomes-oriented with the ability to make data informed decisions collaboratively with institutional stakeholders; specific experience in forecasting, goal setting and revenue.
  • Ability to develop and create market penetrating messages and communications which are energizing, authentic, and effective in influencing students and families.
  • Demonstrated expertise in and commitment to recruiting students from underrepresented groups and to fostering a community of equity and inclusion in which all students can thrive and be successful.
  • Ability to develop relationships with a diverse group of campus partners, students and families demonstrating equity-mindedness and inclusion and a growth mindset in further developing understanding, knowledge and awareness.
  • Experience and expertise in innovative forms of learning and engaging learners across the lifespan.
  • Ability to foster a future oriented team who are able to translate goals, strategies and aspirations into tactical plans.
  • Exceptional listener able and willing to engage students, faculty, staff and community members from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills required to interact effectively with campus and community partners including students & families, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and trustees.
  • Demonstrated history of supporting student development and a sincere commitment to the student experience.
  • Ability to inspire, motivate and lead a hard-working, energetic team; recognize the skill sets and talents of the staff, and provide professional development opportunities to enhance their work and professional growth.
  • Ability to be bold, creative and visionary while also being collegial, collaborative and inclusive.
  • Ability to work with energy and humility in a team environment valuing shared, creative problem solving that is focused on the needs of the institution and its students.
  • Passionate commitment to institutional mission, an optimistic vision for the future, and the drive to respond enthusiastically to a rapidly changing environment.
  • Charismatic and engaging with boundless energy tempered by wisdom & experience, and a sincere love for higher education.
  • Extraordinary communicator, proactive educator, well informed and relationship driven.

The Institution

Nazareth College is a coeducational, independent college located on 150 scenic acres. Founded in 1924 and a member of the New American Colleges and Universities, Nazareth educates, supports, and serves 2,150 undergraduate students and 650 graduate students within four administrative units that work together to provide students with professional programs built on a solid liberal arts foundation, offering academic rigor and competitive programs.

College of Arts and Sciences: Offers a variety of individual and interdisciplinary undergraduate majors and graduate programs in the fine and performing arts, humanities, and in the social and natural sciences.

School of Education: Offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate education programs leading to initial, professional, and additional certification. These programs provide students with expertise and experience to teach across the age spectrum (birth through grade 12) in a variety of areas and disciplines.

School of Health and Human Services: Offers majors and programs thorough classroom training and extensive real-world experience. Students are well prepared to provide the best practice and care for their clients and to face the varied challenges of their professions.

School of Business and Leadership: Offers a wide array of majors and programs designed to develop tomorrow’s forward-thinking and well-prepared leaders in industry and business. In class learning is supplemented with real world opportunities through internships, study abroad, leadership programs, alumni networks and several other co-curricular events and activities.

Nazareth College was founded in 1924 by the Sisters of St. Joseph, who were committed to academic excellence. They inspired the first class of 25 young women to stretch their potential. In the 1950s, the college responded to the need for graduate study by adding graduate programs, and by the 1970s, Nazareth was renowned for quality teacher education and social work. During this time of monumental change, the college became co-educational and governmentally independent of the religious congregation. Nevertheless, it has retained its original focus on academic excellence and the charisma of the Sisters of St. Joseph: “serving all without distinction.”

Leaning on its deep foundational values, Nazareth has grown to be the inclusive, religiously independent, comprehensive college it is today. Nazareth’s internationally known Brian and Jean Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue promotes understanding for living peacefully in a diverse world. Nazareth’s Center for Civic Engagement is nationally recognized for meaningful work in the local, national, and global community and for service learning. Experiential learning is part of every student’s core curriculum. The Department of Community and Belonging has its mission rooted in Nazareth College’s founding values of solidarity and social justice. These guiding principles ensure an intentional and action-oriented commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in which each person’s lived experience is acknowledged, and honored.

The College is incorporated under the authority of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York and is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, The College holds membership in the American Council on Education, and the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Today, Nazareth College is a financially sound institution supported by a community committed to a shared vision and ready to step boldly into its second century of serving students.

College Leadership

Nazareth College was formed to be an agent of revolutionary positive social change at a pivotal time. The College was founded in 1924 as the nation was emerging from the world-changing Pandemic of 1918. Nazareth College was developed to educate and elevate new leaders – from marginalized populations so as to bring forth fresh potential – to advance social innovation, social justice, and social progress.

On the precipice of our Centennial, and again on the heels of a once-in-a-century pandemic, we renew our commitment to elevate fresh and innovative leaders to realize new possibilities in building a healthier and more just world. Today, Nazareth College is an inclusive, secular, co-ed higher education institution with a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs that are constantly innovating. We continue to be inspired by the values and bold commitments of our founding Sisters of St. Joseph, including active commitment to holistic and purpose-driven education; innovation and future focus; and social justice, equity, and inclusion.

The coinciding of Nazareth’s presidential transition, our centennial, and this time of revolutionary change creates an exceptional opportunity for new vision and direction. I seek a dynamic and experienced partner who feels a deep connection with the contemporary power of Nazareth’s founding mission, and is ready to create an inspiring and innovative enrollment strategy for powering Nazareth’s next 100 years.

Managing crisis brings out the best and worst in communities. As I have transitioned to Nazareth during this time of social sea change, I am awed by the strengths in the Nazareth community. Nazareth students and alumni embody our founding values, applying themselves to learning and pursuing their life’s work with passion and purpose. Our faculty and staff are expert and committed deeply to our students’ learning and development. The ingenuity and innovation with which our faculty and staff have adapted new approaches to student learning, development, and support over the last several months is nothing but extraordinary! And I am honored to work with a strong senior leadership team – a set of colleagues that are eager to welcome a new partner in advancing our powerful mission.

An inclusive and engaging strategic planning process in fall 2020 resulted in an innovative Strategic Framework that defines a vision, key objectives, and strategies for moving the College boldly forward. The planning process focused on how our shape-shifting world will challenge and open new opportunities for our current and future students. We defined a set of strategies that will both compel prospective students to choose Nazareth College and prepare our students to be leaders and innovators in our changing world. The Framework gives us fresh opportunities for realizing and communicating the power and impact of a Nazareth education. It is expected that our strategic directions will prompt a refreshed and redesigned enrollment approach. The enrollment area is primed for fresh and innovative leadership.

I am eager to join together with the Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management in attracting and compelling an increasingly diverse array of prospective students to commit to – and realize transformational learning and success – at Nazareth College. As we approach our Centennial – and the launch of our second one-hundred years – is a stellar platform for celebrating and reinvigorating Nazareth’s transformational role in our community and society.

–Dr. Elizabeth Paul, President

Elizabeth Paul, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Paul, Ph.D. took office as President of Nazareth College on July 1, 2020.

Dr. Paul came to Nazareth with an impressive career as a leader in higher education. From July 2016 until her appointment at Nazareth, she served as the 16th president of Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, and previously spent seven years as the senior academic officer at Stetson University in Central Florida.

Under Dr. Paul’s leadership, Capital University developed a visionary strategic framework to guide the university forward, including expansion of experiential learning and community partnerships, and the deepening of a learning community that values and supports student originality and belonging. While at Capital University, Dr. Paul saw the university’s largest entering undergraduate class in the institution’s 190-year history. She led the launch of the Good Guarantee Scholarship for undergraduates whose families have chosen mission-centered careers through nonprofit and public-service work. The scholarship program was designed to increase awareness of the university and to support lower- to middle-income families who too often think private higher education is not accessible to them. The innovative scholarship program has gained local, regional, and national attention.

Along with championing access and success for those traditionally underserved by higher education, Dr. Paul considers it a moral imperative of higher education to actively partner in innovation, ideas, and learning approaches that extend beyond established boundaries to build community capacity and tackle social challenges. She is an engineer of neighborhood-based community-engaged and experiential learning programs, local and global, garnering national recognition.

Prior to her work at Capital University, she served at Stetson University first as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, and then in 2015, as Provost and Executive Vice President. She was also a tenured professor of psychology. She was Vice Provost and professor of psychology at The College of New Jersey from 1992-2009.

Well-known as a thought leader on learning innovation, strategic planning, and building inclusive communities, Dr. Paul has held national leadership roles in key higher education initiatives, including undergraduate research. She was President of the Council on Undergraduate Research and a long-term member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of College and University Business Officers, and currently serves on the Council of Independent Colleges Board of Directors and serves as Treasurer of the Bonner Foundation Board of Trustees.

Dr. Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a doctorate in personality psychology, both from Boston University. She did a pre-doctoral training fellowship with the National Institute of Mental Health and earned a certificate in higher education administration from Harvard Institute for Educational Management.


The College is governed by a self-perpetuating board of trustees. The bylaws of the College provide that the board of trustees shall consist of not more than 35 persons and not less than 5 persons. Among the members shall be the president of the College. The term of office of each member, other than the president of the College, is three years. Board members have an opportunity to serve on the following committees: Academic Affairs, Audit, Buildings & Grounds, Community and Belonging Committee, Enrollment and Student Experience, Executive, Finance, Institutional Advancement, Investment, and Trusteeship.

Information regarding the current members of the board of trustees, and current committee assignments, can be found at:

Senior Leadership

The new Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management will join President Paul’s robust and cohesive senior leadership team, comprised of:

  • Provost
  • Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Vice President for Advancement (May 2021)
  • Vice President for Marketing & Communications (Interim Vice President in Institutional Advancement until May 2021)
  • Vice President for Community & Belonging
  • Associate to the President.

The senior leadership team is engaged in the strategic undertakings of all facets of the institution. Highly collaborative and strategic-minded, the current members have partnered in 2020-21 with President Paul to lead a campus-wide strategic planning initiative, co-creating a bold path forward that is firmly rooted in who we are.

Mission and Vision


Nazareth College fosters integrated learning through action and reflection, educating whole persons who are guided by empathy, committed to equity, and prepared to lead innovation for our time.


To be a leader of transformative education through action for social justice, preparing and inspiring courageous changemakers for their life’s work.

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

Reviewed by the Campus Community (Faculty, Staff, and Students) Endorsed by the Faculty Senate (12.02.2016)

Preamble:  Nazareth College embraces a society that is both diverse and inclusive, and values both respect for the person and freedom of speech. Respect for the dignity of all people is an essential part of the College’s tradition, mission, and vision for the future as we advance a socially just and equitable community. The College promotes civility and denounces acts of hatred, violence, and/or intolerance.

Statement:  We define diversity as a continuum of individual, group, and social differences, both visible and invisible. This definition compels us to confront inherent privilege, power, and marginalization to achieve equity and social justice. Diversity at Nazareth is concerned with, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious and spiritual belief, ability, national origin, veteran status, age, and those individuals with cultural characteristics that have been historically underrepresented and underserved.

Nazareth College is dedicated to inclusion, the active pursuit of conscious and sustained practices and processes that value and respect differences. This commitment to diversity and inclusion informs our curriculum, teaching, learning, scholarship, creative activities, co-curricular activities, residential life, community involvement, and support of these endeavors by the Nazareth Community.

This commitment includes:

  • engaging in a continual process of education, critical self-reflection and dialogue regarding privilege, power, and marginalization,
  • promoting greater access and inclusion through systemic and structural change, and
  • ensuring that all students, faculty, and staff reach their fullest potential individually and collectively.

This endeavor is essential in meeting the goal of preparing our students and ourselves for meaningful lives in a diverse and global society.


Academic Life

Nazareth College offers 60 undergraduate majors including education, health and human services, management, the fine arts, music, theater, math and science, foreign languages, and the liberal arts. Nazareth is recognized nationally for its Fulbright global student scholars and commitment to civic engagement. Rigorous programs, an uncommon arts and sciences core, experiential learning, career skills, and a global focus prepare undergraduates for not just one job, but for their life’s work. Twenty-six percent of the Class of 2019 participated in study abroad, which is 2.3 times higher than the national average. Eighty-six percent participated in career experiences, which included: 36 percent clinical experiences; 32 percent internships; 21 percent research; 17 percent field placements; 14 percent student teaching; 3 percent theater crew; and 2 percent practicum. Most new alumni are employed or in graduate school within 12 months of graduating.

In addition, Nazareth offers 18 areas of graduate studies, including one six-year program combining a B.S. in Health Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Nazareth and The College at Brockport (State University of New York), jointly offer the Greater Rochester Collaborative Master of Social Work Program. Occupational therapy, creative arts therapy, human resource management, management, accounting, and speech-language pathology are offered within the master of science degree. The Nursing Education Certification Program offers nurses who already possess a master’s degree or those pursuing a master’s degree the opportunity to enhance their ability to teach in a variety of health care settings. Programs available within the master of science degree in education include art education, higher education student affairs administration, educational technology, inclusive education programs (early childhood, childhood, and adolescence), literacy education, music education, and teaching English to speakers of other languages. Liberal studies and American studies are offered as a master of arts degree.

Of the undergraduate Class of 2019, 27 percent continued their education at Nazareth, pursuing fields that require advanced degrees such as physical therapy (D.P.T.), social work (M.S.W.), and education (M.S. Ed.). Nazareth’s data gathering processes adhere to national standards.

Enrollment Trends and Data

Nazareth College has maintained a steady pattern of undergraduate enrollment from 2012 to 2020, with fluctuations ranging from 1,901 in 2012 to 2,180 in 2019. 2020 undergraduate enrollment totaled 2,147. For Fall, 2020, Nazareth received over 3,800 applications, admitted 2,900, and enrolled 481 undergraduate first time new students. Seventy-two percent of this new student class were female.

Graduate enrollment ranged from 815 full and part-time students in 2012 to 644 in 2020. 


The campus consists of 26 buildings, including 11 residence halls, a 2,200-seat stadium and all-weather track. The Arts Center which includes The Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center features acoustic excellence for events, ensembles and school/community performances. The Golisano Training Center features an indoor track, field, court and training facilities, Café NINE, as well fitness and recreation for the Nazareth community and serves as a training and competition space for Special Olympic athletes. The School of Health and Human Services has developed into an educational environment that emphasizes inter-professional collaboration in both learning and delivery of services. Nazareth is the only Rochester-area College to offer a unique array of allied health professional programs through the York Wellness & Rehabilitation Institute in conjunction with nursing, music therapy, and art therapy, and on-campus clinics and community outreach programs serve approximately 3,700 people each year. Students also benefit from educational partnerships with leading non-profit organizations in off-campus outreach and field practice locations. The School of Education operates a reading clinic on-campus where elementary and secondary students, as well as adults from the community, may receive support in learning to read and write. The newest academic building, Peckham Hall, home of the Integrated Center for Math and Science, opened in 2012. It plays an instrumental role in leading the way for Nazareth students to receive the very best in math and science education, including those who pursue careers as health and human services professionals and teachers of math and science.

Student Life

Nazareth College is committed to our students’ intellectual and personal growth. To build a strong foundation, maximize the integration of in-class and out-of-class learning, and enhance the potential for success in college, a two-year residency requirement is in place for full-time (defined as 12 or more credits) undergraduate students. Residential life on campus is encouraged for all undergraduate students, and campus housing is available for graduate students, by application, who lived on campus during their years in Nazareth’s undergraduate study. There are eight living facilities on campus, with three dedicated to new students.

Students are invited to immerse themselves in over 50 clubs and organizations on campus. Under normal operation, Intramurals & Recreation at Nazareth College offers students, faculty, and staff opportunities in person to participate in sports leagues, tournaments, outdoor adventure, fitness, and leisure activities that foster peer bonding and support healthy lifestyles.

Resources are available to students to support their academic success and everyday well-being. The Academic Advisement Center and Center for Life’s Work help students connect with their advisors and career coaches to guide them through major selection and academic needs, as well as college co-curricular experiences and future careers. Community and Belonging, Campus Security, and Health and Wellness programs, services and centers are available to students to guide, educate, and support them throughout their time at Nazareth.

Twenty-two percent of students participate in 25 athletic teams, as Golden Flyers, within NCAA Division III sports, and as members of the Empire 8 athletic conference. In addition, students can participate in six club sports (or can apply to create new club sports). Club sports provide a great way to compete, learn and improve — and socialize with people who share the same love for the game. Nazareth’s Club Sports program is overseen by Athletics. Each club sport is created and run by students with assistance from their coach or advisor. 

For more about Nazareth College, go to

Pittsford and Rochester, NY

Nazareth College is located in Pittsford, NY, a suburb eight miles southwest of Rochester. Pittsford is known as a cozy village with unique shops, tree-lined streets, and is situated beside the Erie Canal, with bike trails as far east as Rome, NY, or as far west as Buffalo. Widely known for its beautiful scenery, rich history, and strong sense of community, Pittsford also enjoys a reputation for excellent services, including a first-rate educational system.

Rochester is a great place to live, with something for everyone. Rochester’s population of over two hundred thousand within the greater metropolitan area, is part of a nine-county region of nearly 1.2 million, with an eclectic mix of ethnic backgrounds and religions. Rochester offers a host of attractions and events, including classical music, professional sports, and music and arts festivals. The city’s rich history as a center for civil rights and social justice remains an important element of Rochester’s legacy and continues to draw visitors to such places as the Mount Hope Cemetery, the final resting place of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre hosts the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and the headline acts during the annual Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. The Strong National Museum of Play is home to the National Toy Hall of Fame and the annual Lilac Festival recalls Rochester’s early history as the Flower City. Rochester is also home to many professional minor-league sports teams including the Americans (ice hockey) and Red Wings (baseball).

A unique blend of natural and man-made resources and amenities give Rochester a high quality of life. Straddling the Genesee River between the Erie Canal and Lake Ontario, Rochester offers a natural beauty that is easily accessible by a network of parks, trails, boat launches and scenic overlooks. The city is divided into dozens of distinct neighborhoods and urban villages supported by an eclectic mix of stores and restaurants. Quality housing is available at reasonable prices. The city’s central location in Western New York provides residents a short drive to such destinations as Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes region and the Adirondack Mountains. Big city destinations, including New York, Toronto, and Boston are also within a day’s drive.

To Apply

Napier Executive Search is assisting Nazareth College with the search for the Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management. To arrange for a confidential conversation or to nominate a candidate, please contact Robin Reynders (, Catherine Capolupo ( or Mary Napier (

Candidates who wish to apply should submit their credentials including:  1) a resume, 2) a detailed letter outlining interest specifically in the opportunity at Nazareth as outlined in this prospectus, and 3) contact information for three professional references. All materials may be sent via email to by May 12, 2021 for best consideration. Credentials will be reviewed upon receipt and the search will continue until the position is filled. All applications and nominations will be considered confidential and notice will be given before references are contacted.

Nazareth College is an equal employment opportunity employer. The College does not permit discrimination or harassment in its programs and activities on the basis of race including traits historically associated with race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, medical condition, reproductive health decision making, pregnancy-related condition, genetic information or predisposing characteristic, military or veteran status, political affiliation or belief, arrest or conviction record, domestic violence victim status, marital status, familial status, or any other protected status under applicable law. The College does not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender in its educational, extracurricular, athletic or other programs or in the context of employment.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, age, marital or veteran status, disability, carrier status, genetic predisposition or any other protected status, or any other basis upon which discrimination is prohibited by municipal, state, or federal law.

In a continuing effort to enrich our academic environment and provide equal educational and employment opportunities, the College actively encourages applications from members of all ethnic groups underrepresented in higher education.