Now is the time for professional self-care

We each take inspiration from those around us. This is a common practice of learning in education, among our families and in our professional lives. But lately during the health crisis brought on by COVID-19, it has become evident to me that at the heart of what will see us through these unusual, unprecedented, “new normal” times are the relationships and the connections we will build, and strengthen, with one another. We will deepen these connections as we collectively wrestle with the state of change that has been thrust upon us, and we will figure out how to bring forth something beautiful and useful in its wake.

In a recent social media exchange, an author posed the important question, “Are there only either/or answers for students?” The author then asserted that students are fully participating in, and redefining, the evolution of higher education as they inch forward in nuanced ways. I embrace the author’s request that we encourage each other to think more deeply in order to live into these unprecedented moments We must seize the opportunities before us to define and change our world.

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