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We transform lives by aligning exceptional leaders with the right higher education institutions.

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We specialize in identifying talented enrollment management professionals for the finest colleges and universities in the country.

Our years of experience in higher education and higher education search make us adept at uncovering the authentic needs of higher education institutions and navigating the complexities of an ever-evolving market.

In addition to identifying proven and engaged enrollment leaders, we work to open the doors for the next generation of professionals ready to be discovered, appreciated, and given the opportunity to lead.

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Because every institution is different, so is every search. We take the time to listen well, understand the essential elements and the finer points of each position—from roles and responsibilities and resources to more subtle attributes like the leadership culture. Then we think strategically and creatively to find the best approach to attract the ideal candidate.


As a higher education search firm, we know we’re not just filling positions. We’re igniting careers. Energizing institutions. Investing in communities. Changing lives. So we take great care building meaningful relationships with both our search committees and our candidates. The results are lasting connections and more stories of placement success.


We are persistent and patient in the search for ideal candidates for each position. With experience and expertise, we guide the search process while learning and adjusting our approach along the way. No matter the organizational nuances or challenges, regardless of the market forces, we’ll keep working to find the right match so institutions and candidates succeed.

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Our deep connections and our personal experience in higher education and enrollment management, along with an expert approach, deliver results that empower people and institutions to thrive.

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Napier Executive Search is honored to partner with some of the top colleges and universities in the country. We’ve completed more than 100 searches in the public and private sectors of higher education. Enrollment management search is our specialty, but our expertise and experience extends into the areas of marketing, financial aid and admissions.

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About the doors: Readers of the Napier Executive Search website may note a visual representation of doors in varying spaces. That isn’t accidental. In our minds, opening a door is much like considering an opportunity. Individuals who want to avail themselves of opportunity need to approach a new possibility, a career change, a chance to partner with someone who will listen and care, by boldly reaching for the handle and exploring what awaits behind the door. The door in our cover shot is from Durand Hall on the Lake Forest College campus, Mary Napier’s alma mater and a satisfied client of Napier Executive Search. (Used with permission; photo credit Nick Kaiser)